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In feedback about our patent services, clients invariably tell us that they value our patent attorneys’ commitment to understanding their business and our highly specialized scientific and technical backgrounds.

Because our patent team members focus on adding value to each client’s business, whether global or U.S.-based, they are able to meaningfully apply their advanced scientific degrees and engineering experience to effectively protect and commercialize each client’s technology. They speak the technical language yet can also communicate their knowledge in easily understood terms. This helps them deliver solutions to clients’ problems. For example

  • We represent a large multinational oilfield services company that operates under a patent-driven business model. If competitors were able to copy the machinery and equipment this company designed and patented, the services company could be put out of business. For more than a decade we have worked together closely, strategically protecting future generations of new products. Not only have we built complex global patent portfolios but we have also assisted with identifying infringers, including infringers in the oil patch in Texas and Louisiana, and in manufacturing centers such as China. We have repeatedly enforced the patent portfolios we created, both in U.S. Federal Courts and abroad. Indeed, never has a single patent we drafted and prosecuted for this client been invalidated – even when closely scrutinized by federal judges and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in post-grant proceedings.
  • In a recent patent litigation matter, which involved two patent infringement actions in a U.S. federal court and an Inter Partes Review, the defendant hired one of the top-ranked patent litigation firms in the country. Our team devised a tough, strategic approach, and we ultimately prevailed with a confidential settlement that more than satisfied our client, in fact far exceeding the goals we carefully identified before filing suit. And the other side? The outcome of the litigation forced the infringing party to terminate operations and close down its business.
  • When more effective patent protection tools become available, we’re quick to add them to our arsenal. Recently our client, a German company in the computer network and connectivity industry, received a cease-and-desist letter from a patent owner. Our team filed an Inter Partes Review, rather than a more costly civil lawsuit, attacking the patent itself. We effectively turned the tables and went on offense rather than wait to be sued. The strategy worked and the case that had been filed against our client was quickly resolved.


We are focused on our clients’ businesses, whether global or domestic, and provide the support clients need to optimize their intellectual property to meet their business goals. Our IP attorneys regularly counsel large multinational corporations, growing mid-size companies and early stage start-ups in industries involving a wide range of technologies. For several of our large international clients, we manage complex global patent portfolios – fully understanding that every filing they make and every enforcement action they take carries global ramifications.

Our patent attorneys are recognized as some of America’s foremost practitioners. We also advise clients in other jurisdictions, obtaining and enforcing patent rights in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

Our patent attorneys are recognized as some of America’s foremost practitioners. We also advise clients in other continents, obtaining and enforcing patent rights in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

Our international prosecution practice is staffed with attorneys with engineering and natural science degrees, and technical experience tailored to the relevant technology and industry.

Defining Strengths

Our team brings extensive experience with the International Trade Commission (ITC), United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), European Patent Office (EPO) and other similar administrative agencies, counseling clients in these and other areas:

  • Patent preparation, filing, prosecution, licensing and due diligence
  • Portfolio management
  • Post-grant proceedings
  • Infringement avoidance
  • Technology commercialization