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With the stroke of a virtual pen, three words were deleted from statutory law and the case discount, as we know it, is dead.

Tennessee law requires a 20% minimum markup on wine.  Case discounts used to be exempt from the 20% minimum markup.  The law deletes the words “and case discounts” from the list of exceptions to the minimum markup. 

The new law now provides:

This chapter does not prohibit a retailer from offering a discount in such manner as the retailer deems appropriate as long as the discount being offered is not below the cost to the retailer. As used in this subsection (b), "cost to the retailer" has the same meaning as defined in § 57-3-1002.

The new language in P.C. 859 can be read at this link:

Starting January 1, 2023, cases cannot be discounted less than the 20% minimum mark-up on wine and spirits by grocery stores and liquor stores.

You can thank your state legislator for another liquor law that makes you pay more for your favorite glass of wine or cocktail.

For some reason, Corruption from Iggy Pop comes to mind:

From the drip drip of the teardrops
To the chink chink chink of the cash
To the end end end of the friendships
To the wack wack wack of the bash
Corruption corruption corruption
Rules my soul

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