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Adams and Reese Partner Jeff Richardson is featured in the April 2023 edition of Michigan Bar Journal for his article detailing the importance of securing your iPhone passcode. 

In “The critical importance of protecting your iPhone passcode”, Richardson stresses that the consequences of having both your iPhone and passcode stolen are worse than many people realize. As well as accessing your bank accounts online and transferring money out of your accounts, criminals can easily delete your information and photos: “A criminal with your passcode can not only change your code (blocking you from using it even if you recover the phone) but, even worse, that person can change your Apple ID password even without knowing your current password. With a new Apple ID password, the criminal can turn off Find My iPhone.”

Richardson cites a recent investigation by the Wall Street Journal that has revealed how your iPhone passcode falling into the wrong hands can unravel your entire digital life. Criminals across the US have devised ways to persuade victims to unlock their iPhones by typing in their passcodes before stealing the phone. Once the criminal has the passcode, they can change it and the victim's Apple ID password, giving them access to sensitive information such as credit cards, photos, and the ability to send money via Apple Cash. Richardson offers readers steps to protect themselves, including keeping their passcode private, considering a more complex passcode, being careful about giving your iPhone to someone else, using a third-party password manager, and using two-factor authentication where possible. 

In 2008, Richardson created, the oldest and largest website for attorneys who use iPhones and iPads. With tens of thousands of readers, Richardson is well known for sharing his knowledge with attorneys around the country and the world. His blog has frequently been named the best legal technology website, and the ABA Journal made iPhone J.D. part of its Blawg Hall of Fame.

Jeff Richardson practices in the New Orleans office of Adams and Reese, where he represents clients in litigation, including class actions, complex litigation, and appellate litigation. Richardson is an Appellate Practice Specialist, certified by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization, and he is one of only 14 attorneys in Louisiana with that certification. A member of the Product Liability Advisory Council, he also defends clients in high-stakes product liability litigation.