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Lucian PeraAdams and Reese Partner Lucian Pera teamed up with Westfleet Advisors CEO Charles Agee III and University of Pennsylvania Carey School of Law Student Chase Haegley to co-author the 2023 edition of “Litigation Funding and Confidentiality: A Comprehensive Analysis of Current Case Law.”

One of the most common questions for litigators and their clients in connection with litigation finance is, will my communications with funders and the details of my funding arrangement remain confidential? Encompassing more than 100 reported cases and spanning a decade of court decisions on this topic, this resource is a comprehensive treatment of these important issues and is a valuable tool for litigators who need to understand the risks of disclosure in connection with litigation financing arrangements.

The white paper is available for download on a complimentary basis on the Westfleet Advisors website and is part of Westfleet’s core mission of equipping lawyers and their clients with the resources they need to make litigation finance work better for them.

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