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It is often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The holiday season is upon us and the scammers are ready and waiting to pounce! To help keep us all safe this holiday season, Roy Hadley is running his Twelve Days of Cyber social campaign, where he posts on a cybersecurity-related topic each day at the start of the holiday season. 

As part of his cybersecurity practice, Roy sets out to thoroughly inform his clients and contacts about the necessary steps towards protecting oneself against cyber-crime in this series. From well-known tips like using secure passwords to more nuanced safety practices geared towards protecting the everyday shopper and small business owners from phishing scams, his practical tips are designed to help keep consumers, business owners, and everyone in between safer and more cyber aware this holiday season. Please see below for each of Roy’s posts to cap off his Twelve Days of Cyber campaign:

Day 1: Passwords

Day 2: Backups

Day 3: Online Transactions

Day 4: Always Update!

Day 5: Watch that Check!

Day 6: Mind Your Info!

Day 7: Phishing

Day 8: Free Wifi is not free!

Day 9: Small Business?

Day 10: Online Scams!

Day 11: You are being TRACKED!  

Day 12: Closing it out! 

For more than 30 years, Roy Hadley has been a trusted advisor to high growth businesses, governments, and family/closely held businesses. Roy’s practice, which is international in scope, includes advising clients worldwide on complex corporate transactions, particularly those involving technology, cybersecurity, life sciences, economic development, telecommunications, outsourcing and intellectual property. With a nod to our increasingly digital world, Roy provides guidance to a wide array of governments, governmental entities, and companies (and their boards) on issues related to data security and privacy.