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Paula Zorensky contributes an in-depth understanding of complicated legislative and national budget processes so that firm attorneys and colleagues can best help clients navigate issues involving the federal government.

Paula’s ability to synthesize information and evaluate the implications of administrative proposals and legislation assists the firm in identifying opportunities to help clients reach their goals. Armed with the crucial assessments Paula supplies, attorneys, clients and other colleagues can better guide businesses, institutions, nonprofits, advocacy groups and associations. Knowledge gleaned by Paula informs clients in crafting optimal strategies, using public policy tools to the greatest advantage and handling governmental affairs challenges deftly.

With a background in public relations, Paula brings insight into the essential role communications practices play in the success of companies, nonprofits, associations and political groups and candidates. Having spearheaded many strategic initiatives to support grassroots and governmental affairs advocacy on the federal and state level, she offers substantial insight into the legislative and administrative issues that have an impact on clients.

As a former analyst for Bloomberg Government, Paula knows the intricacies of Congressional legislative methods, including committee activity and procedural maneuvers and considerations. This understanding assists the firm’s cross-functional teams to help clients build coalitions and implement bipartisan strategies.

Disclaimer:  Paula Zorensky is not licensed to practice law.


  • University of California, Santa Barbara, B.A., 2010, Economics and Political Science